Shabaash Mithu  Box Office Collection Day 1

Shabaash Mithu  Box Office Collection Day 1 :0.5 -1.5 Crore estimate 

Shabaash Mithu Review

The paying public will not love Shabaash Mithu. Many members of the public aren't even aware that it released today due to its poor promotion. Unfortunately, it appears that a movie about a top female cricketer and women's cricket has been released carelessly due to the inadequate marketing.

It is paradoxical that this video should be presented in such a half-hearted manner given that it discusses the sad treatment meted out to Indian women players and to women's cricket itself by the authorities.

The movie drags at times and is very long. Raaz is the only other performer who sticks out. A few team members receive some parts on their own, particularly the one portrayed by the incredibly expressive Sapna Mandal.

Nothing prevents the screenplay from being written with a little more vigour and spunk, even though the movie's main character is known to be a less expressive person.

The development of the other key characters, who could have made a significant contribution to highlighting more complexities and layers in Mithali's personal and professional path, was another area that deserved much more attention.