Hit The First Case Movie Review

The finale of HIT - The First Case detracts from the effect of the entire preceding drama due to its generally lacklustre tension revelation. As a result, it won't be able to keep its place at the ticket counters.2

The history of the first missing girl begins to surface as the layers are peeled back. An orphanage, a jealous best friend, and adoptive parents who may or may not be involved in the crime are all involved.

When Vikram defies the rules, which is frequently, the boss of HIT (Dalip Tahil) occasionally makes an appearance to wag his finger at him.

HIT: Despite its best efforts, The First Case is never able to live up to its potential as a taut, captivating, and dramatic police drama. Aside from the usual rigmarole, the picture only deviates from the original in its forced twist at the end, which is incredibly stupid.

The problem with HIT is that movie starts out as a whodunnit but turns into a mediocre thriller in the second half. We also learn virtually little about Vikram's tragic past and how it led to his current employment.